Creating an Aerospace Hub

Creating an Aerospace Hub

UTEP Partners with El Paso County on Technology Research

In October 2016, The University of Texas at El Paso and the County of El Paso announced their collaboration on a new NASA MIRO cSETR Technology Research and Innovation Acceleration Park (tRIAc) in Fabens, Texas, adjacent to the Fabens Airport.

The new aerospace and energy testing facility will create opportunities to increase regional economic prosperity. Students from UTEP will connect with industry leaders on research projects at the facility, helping to create new jobs in the area.

“This partnership marks a giant leap forward not only for research opportunities available to the University’s students, but also for economic development that benefits our whole region,” said UTEP President Diana Natalicio.

Ahsan Choudhuri, Ph.D., chair of UTEP’s mechanical engineering department and director of the University’s Center for Space Exploration and Technology Research (cSETR), said the partnership is “a tremendous opportunity for our region to be seen as a major player within the aerospace industry.”

El Paso County is contributing acreage and infrastructure support while promoting the area as an economic hub. The University’s cSETR will attract more industry leaders to the region for students to gain real- world work experience as part of its commitment to meet the demand
for aerospace engineers conducting research in the fields of combustion and propulsion.

“The last 100 years of UTEP’s history were about giving tools to students to be successful,” Choudhuri said. “But then, graduates – especially in engineering – leave town because that’s where the employers are. For UTEP’s next hundred years, our goal is to keep graduates here at home. Efforts like tRIAc are essential to achieve that goal.” - Lisa Y. Garibay